Saturday, March 17, 2012

Constant worry

Constant worry,
I don't think I've ever been,
this eager to see crimson,
to feel the pain,
and know it's going to be OK,
I can move on now!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For the Love of Moleskine

This blog has been left to die, however an amazing opportunity has come by which has made me blog!

My heart skipped a beat when I was told I could win myself either a Moleskine sketchbook or WaterColour album. Winning either one of them would be a DREAM come true. My love story with Moleskine began when my brother bought me a moleskine address book one fine christmas. Clueless to how valuable it was, I put it aside for quite sometime(silly me!). However one day when I was having coffee with my brother and his friend, they started talking about their moleskine's and how lovely it was to write in them with a fountain pen; the way they described the feeling, the way they held the moleskine and simply how good it made them look made me anxious to go home and open mine! Once I opened mine and read the history pullout I was SOLD! immediately I did a google search and began to drool over all the different types and colours they had.

Unfortunately the address book didn't suite my needs, as I was not in the networking/workforce face of life thus I improvised, I turned my address book into something else. According to the alphabets I would write down something new I learnt, like a word, type of food or quote. Writting on the acid free paper with my fountain pen was pure bliss, the pen literally glides across the pages. (yes! I got a fountain pen just to write in my Moleskine)

Still inside of me there was a longing to own the more artsy moleskine available; as I love to draw and paint and colours and pictures excite me and get my mind running wild. I needed a book to jot all these inspirations in, a book which in itself was inspiration. Many times I found myself in an art gallery, the park, on a bus or at home watching tv when idead come flooding in and I look down at my recycled a4 paper I have begun sketching on and dream it would magically turn into a Moleskine. I felt sketching or painting in a moleskine would bring me closer to feeling what it was like for Van Gogh and Picasso(my personal favourite) when they used a Moleskine.

So you could imagine my happiness when I was kl bound to pursue my studies( Penang lass), KL was the place to go for variety, and my search online led me to CZipLee, so for days and days I would go to their website, even google mapped their location from my hostel and looked for bus/lrt routes going there.(God bless the brothers who brought Moleskine to their family bookstore). However luck was never on my side! My part time job doing marketing would often take me to Bangsar, and each time I would feel 'this is it! today I will get to walk in' but whether it was time constraint,no parking or uninterested friends,despite being so near CZipLee I never got the chance to go in! (the sad part of not owning a car in a big city).
(The above happened in 2010- yes been longing for it this long)

So when I got to know CZipLee and an amazing illustrator Emila Yusof were joining forces to give away a little piece of heaven (in my opinion) I thought it would be a sin not to try out for it! today my passion and love for art and Moleskine are coming together.
Who wouldn't want to own a LEGENDARY notebook??

Do check out Emila Yusof's blog,link above, and you will definitely be inspired to pick up a pen and start sketching or colouring as her drawings are quirky,simplistic yet detailed. Emila also encourages people to try things out and you can be sure to have fun while at it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Homemade Pizza

Cheap, healthy, yummy.....

Labanese bread as the base

Shredded BBQ chicken and Ham(not in picture)

Capsicum for veggies and to add colour

All together now


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Birthday Cake for a Federer Fan


First thing I did when I got home was to bake my Federer( Tennis Player) Fan Friend (FFF) a birthday cake! Poor kiddo's birthday is today but he has one more paper to go on Saturday so no celebrations just yet!

I turned an orange zest cake into a Swiss flag!! (Federer is Swiss) It's definitely not executed to a chef's standard but not bad at all (so I tell myself) for doing it under time constraint and right after pulling an all night-er for exams.

Most importantly I hope the birthday boy enjoys his cake!

The Plan
Final product


Monday, June 21, 2010


You know you have left your blog dead for way too long when you cant seem to remember your password to log in to your blog!!!! so much has happened since I last blogged, way too much to recap. But I assure you there are lots more new things to talk about so this blog has a chance at revival. I have finally begun working on my desire to paint. I have taken up acrylic painting. Currently I have exams (although SWEET freedom in 3 days beckon) but I will begin again during the hols.

My take on this new venture is " I may not have the drawing skills, but my ability to dream and imagine allows me to produce the pieces that I do"

Other than art I have been a little too indulgent in food if you ask me, this is yet another project for the upcoming holidays. I need to learn how to eat 2 and a half good ,healthy filling meals and stay away from in between meals and all those sugar filled junk! And I am saying this as I pop another gummy bear into my mouth, studying fuel I call it, so in 3 days no more excuses and no more candy!!

Here are my pieces so far

The two paintings above have found a new home in my dads office....greedy daddy wanted both my paintings! lol :)

The modern red, black & white painting is at its new home. It was painted specially for my brothers new place.

I have so many new pieces to be done already mapped out in my head, now its just a matter of waiting (3 days) before I start.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh my I did not realize how long I have left my blog unattended! oooops!

oh well the holidays are over and I am back at uni, it has only been two weeks and going into the 3rd week but the amount of work seems like much more time has passed.....

better updates when I have the time :)